Practical Test

At Skill-4-Life Driving School, your instructor will make sure you are thoroughly prepared for taking your practical driving test.

By this stage, you will have passed your theory test, and will have built up lots of valuable time and experience behind the wheel. Everybody gets a little nervous before the big day, but all of your training up to this point has been targeted at making you a safe and confident driver – so don’t worry!

Your test will be performed by a qualified driving examiner. They are also a human being! They’re  not there to catch you out, just to make sure that you’ve acquired the right level of skills and can demonstrate that you drive safely.

The test will begin with a check of your eyesight which involves reading a vehicle number plate from a distance of around 20m. You will then be asked two ‘Show Me, Tell Me’ questions (for which you will be prepared by your instructor), and the practical part of the driving test can begin. You can see examples of the ‘show me, tell me’ questions here.

The test usually lasts around 40 minutes, during which time your general driving skills will be assessed, along with a reverse parking manoeuvre and probably an emergency stop. The important thing to demonstrate to the examiner is that you are able to drive safely and you have good knowledge of the Highway Code.

An ‘independent driving’ section is now included as part of the practical test during, usually lasting for about 10 minutes, where you will be required to drive independently by either following:

  • traffic signs
  • two sets of verbal directions involving 2 to 3 turns or junctions, given to you by the examiner
  • or a combination of both.

If you would like more information on the car practical driving test you can find this on the GOV.UK website.